Pasion Bandolier II Contest

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Pasion Bandol.


First: Organized by the "Duchess of Benamejí" Museum belonging to the Red Centre Thematic Centers Land José María "El Tempranillo", participation is convened, open to all who wish in this second edition of the social network of Facebook, called "PASSION BANDOLERA".

Second: The competition was held between 8 and 11 February, 4 days in total. Every day between 10:00 and 11:00 hours on a question page fans facebook propose Land of Jose Maria El Tempranillo on the famous bandit José María "El Tempranillo".

Third: Para poder participar en el concurso será necesario contestar a las 4 planteadas questions on facebook, one each day.

Quarter: Once answered the 4 questioning, Participants should send their answers to , before 14:00 Friday hours 13 February 2015, identifying with your full name, su D.N.I. and contact phone. You must complete all questions mandatory to be eligible for prizes.

Farm: The day will be published 13 February 2015 on page fans on facebook Land of Jose Maria El Tempranillo the list of all participants who responded correctly 4 questioning, including the prize draw will take place on the same day.

Friday: Thematic questions: The questions will focus on any aspect of the life of this iconic bandit José María "El Tempranillo".

Seventh: Award: The prize is a guided tour of the Museum Center "Duchess of Benamejí", a romantic dinner for two people at Restaurant The Cortijeros Benamejí, a night getaway for 2 people in the Posada Momo Benamejí and a lot of products of which Tempranillo Route raffled among all participants who correctly answered questions. The draw took place in the Central Museum Duchess of Benamejí the 14 February at 17:00 hours and immediately will be announced the winner / a fans on that page.

For inquiries you can contact us at the 957724219.