Bandolero Safeconduct

Salvoconducto Bandolero

What is the pass?

The credential is Safeconduct travelers Land of Jose Maria El Tempranillo. Here are the seals of the different points in the destination visited. The safe-conduct document recalls that during the Middle Ages was used to ensure the free and safe passage of passengers and goods. So allegorical, “The Tempranillo” Now granted that safe passage XXI century travelers transiting through their land.



What is the pass?

– It's a nice souvenir of your visit to Land of Jose Maria El Tempranillo.

– The Safe Passage offers a discount of more than 50% entries in tourism resources open to the public Tierras de José María El Tempranillo:

  • Romantic Bandit Thematic Centre.
  • Centro Andaluz Field Theme.
  • Topic Centre Roman Baths.
  • Museum collection of Roman mosaic Casariche.
  • Quad-Mausoleum of Jose Maria El Tempranillo.
  • Topic Centre of the Duchess of Benamejí.

– Para visitar cualquiera de nuestros temáticos, es aconsejable llamar previamente para confirmar.

How can you get your pass?

The pass is issued at the tourist office and information points Thematic Centers Land of Jose Maria El Tempranillo.

Where sealed the pass?

Currently the pass is sealed in Topic Centres you visit in the Bandolero Itinerary Land of Jose Maria El Tempranillo.