Shooting the Messenger Series Antenna 3

Land Fate of Jose Maria Tempranillo, is an attractive place not only for the individuals or groups who visit us, but also for producing television series and film. They have already been several shorts that were filmed in this area, y especialmente muchos de los exteriores que aparecen actualmente en la serie “Bandolera” de Antena 3.

Esta serie, que tuvo un gran éxito de audiencia cuando se emitió, fue producida por Diagonal TV.

During the months of August and September 2010, Series producers, estuvieron buscando localizaciones para muchos de los exteriores que aparecen en dicha serie.

Throughout this article I will go indicating which are the places that appear in the series:

  • Laguna Nature Reserve Bitter and Sweet (Cockaigne, Cordoba). It is located at km 5 of the road between the village of Cockaigne in Lucena City. The two lakes are: the lagoon bitter and sweet lagoon where you can watch important species such as duck Malvasia, endangered. Images of these gaps out in the sunrises and sunsets of the series.
  • Genil River Meander Reservoir Malpasillo (Badolatosa, Seville). Malpasillo Reservoir, is located just two kilometers from the town of Badolatosa, on the road linking the town with Corcoya and Roda de Andalucía. With an area de519 hectares and classified as Special Protection Area for birds, This reservoir is formed over the river Genil. The bend of the river Genil, is located at km 13 of the same road, taking a detour to the left if you go down that road in the direction Corcoya. The dirt road that continues among the olive trees, leads to a small pine forest. Following the path between the pines reach the lookout.
  • Shrine of Our Lady of Fuensanta (Corcoya, Seville). It is located just outside the town of Corcoya, in the foothills of the Sierra Cabrera. In this chapel is recorded images to the bumpers for extra transition between scenes with the municipalities of the route.
  • Small village restaurant San Benito (Alameda, Malaga). This quaint restaurant, built evoking nineteenth century houses, is located on the road between the town of Alameda with the A-45. The facade of the restaurant and the adjoining museum serve to locate the outer enclave of La Posada de la Maña.
  • Cortijo El Patronato (Casariche, Seville). The farmhouse of the Board can be seen from the road between the town of Corcoya and Casariche. It is privately owned and not open to visitors. The exterior of the farmhouse are the exteriors of the House of Montoro, currently the Garmendia.
  • Cave of the Sierra de El Puntathe (Casariche, Seville). The cave has served outdoor shelter cave where bandits. This cave can be seen from the A-92 when you go up to the popular town municipality. It is located in the area known as the Prop and access it on the diversion of the highway at the height of Casariche or Lora de Estepa.Cortijo de la Algaidilla (La Roda de Andalucía, A-92 km 118. Seville). This farmhouse was used to locate the town of Arazana, which we all know is a municipality invented, but images of this gan farmhouse served in the first chapter to locate this idyllic town. Nowadays, in this farmhouse cottages can be rented.

Si sois unos auténticos fans de “Bandolera” y quereis visitar los lugares en los que se grabó la serie, no dudéis en visitar estas tierras de leyenda, we will give you a complete listing of all locations, plus a map for the route correctly sigais.