Alameda Restaurants

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Posada Restaurante Jose Maria El Tempranillo


With a building inspired by eighteenth century buildings, Posada El Tempranillo restaurant is a typical Andalusian farmhouse which abounds with high quality Andalusian cuisine and a wide variety of menus tailored to each pocket.See more

Angel Restaurant

11202115_1612358375708616_4509968640173838659_n-300x300Characterized mainly by its excellent traditional Andalusian, cheek meat dishes such as port wine, Iberian rib with rosemary or anise porridge with coscurrones. See more

Restaurant Candida

Cándida 5

With a modern touch and functional, this restaurant has managed a kitchen based on the most popular dishes in Antequera and Andalusian Gastronomy, achieving a flawless career path. See more

Small village restaurant San Benito

caserio san benito2

Located in a rustic house s. XVIII, between their tastiest dishes include migas de San Benito, the club and sausages with cinnamon. It has a Museum of Popular Manners and Customs, whose building itself is one of the most striking things of the same. See more

Bar La Lezna

la lezna

Recently renovated to offer customers the best traditional cuisine, in a relaxed and welcoming, The Awl Restaurant is one of the most attractive to be located in the center of town. See more

Hunters Bar

Better known as Bar “The Axe”, offers a wide variety of homemade dishes in their themed lounge or, when time permits, in its cozy terrace. See more