Restaurants Cockaigne

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Meson Restaurant The Forum

El Meson Restaurant The Forum is a restaurant conveniently located in the town. It has a cozy living room for approximately 50 people that offers a wide variety of homemade meals typical of Andalusia.

In the menu you can taste typical dishes of the Andalusian cuisine of a lifetime as potajes or our traditional baton,es,- Jauja,es,Mesón the forum,es,Saleone´s River Club,en,The Saleone´s River Club is an establishment located in an enviable environment,es,since it is located in the river leisure area of ​​Jauja,es,Next to the pool and the remains of the Arab Aceña,es,It has a wide terrace and a gastronomic variety for all types of diners,es,The Saleone´s River Club opens only on Saturdays and Sundays at noon,es,Jauja River Park,es,Next to the pool,es. The letter, have at their disposal a wide variety of chips, fish and meats of all kinds.

C / Church, 24 – Jauja

Loss.: 639363717

(8) Mesón El Foro | Lucena | Facebook

Saleone´s River Club

El Saleone´s River Club es un establecimiento situado en un entorno envidiable, ya que se encuentra en la zona de ocio fluvial de Jauja, junto a la piscina y a los restos de la aceña árabe. Cuenta con una amplia terraza y con una variedad gastronómica para todo tipo de comensales.

El Saleone´s River Club abre sólo los sábados y los domingos a medio día.

Address: Parque fluvial de Jauja (junto a la piscina)

Phone: 635508627

Restaurante La Camila

Traditional sale on the path that leads to Jauja Lucena, where José María El Tempranillo probably ever stopped, al ser un cruce de caminos estratégico, a mitad de camino entre Puente Genil y Lucena. Variety of dishes. Good value for money. Ver màs

Restaurante Asador Suiza

Located in the area of ​​Camila, on the road between Cockaigne with Lucena, where José María El Tempranillo stopped once, por su situación estratégica, a medio camino entre Puente Genil y Lucena. It offers a wide range of menus at affordable rates and quality. Especialidad en carnes variadas. See more.