Carmelite Convent Home (Benamejí)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Portada Antiguo Convento Carmelita

This baroque, belonged to the former Carmelite convent that was in Benamejí, as the gateway to the church of the convent. It was founded in 1682 by the first Marquis of Benamejí, José Diego de Bernuy.

The convent assembled a large collection of books and artwork that went to church, (as the images of San Jose, Santa Teresa, or Virgen del Carmen itself is in the high altar) and the chapel once the order has left this town in the year 1835, remaining open for worship, despite this fact, until 1905.

During the twentieth century was home to neighbors and suffer in part earthworks nearby “Crack”. Last, the place would become plasterwork and cowshed.

Nowadays, the cover has been restored to look in all its splendor. This valuable door too soon will witness the opening of the Museum of Benamejí, which undoubtedly, insurance will expose an object that once belonged to this valuable convent, whose name was the Convent of Remedies.