Ferris wheel on the Rio Genil (Cockaigne)

To be able to visit the Noria on the Genil River,,es,they should go to the HUERTAS DEL DUQUE de Jauja,,es,Located on the banks of the river Genil we find several magnificent examples of these hydraulic structures,,es,Among which we must highlight the Ferris wheel of Las Huertas del Duque,,es,This ferris wheel has been recently restored,,es, deben dirigirse hacia las HUERTAS DEL DUQUE de Jauja.

Situadas en las orillas del río Genil encontramos varios magníficos ejemplos de estas estructuras hidráulicas, entre los que hemos de destacar la noria de las Huertas del Duque, in the village of Cockaigne. Esta noria ha sido recientemente restaurada,and while not in use, because today the role of river water extraction are performed by motors, it still looks the same as he had in its years of operation.

Wheel, held on ashlar walls, is made of wood or iron, and carries in his crown wooden boxes or mud (Bucket) extracting water from the river and placed them at the top pouring water into a channel parallel to the wheel. This liquid is channeled ditches and logs to the garden.