The Land of Jose Maria El Tempranillo have a terrain marked by gentle reliefs that result in beautiful landscapes, which become viewpoints, then, a list of the places you can not miss.

Mirador de la Camorra (ALAMEDA)

Miradores Miradores

In Alameda, is the highest point of the Lands of Jose Maria El Tempranillo, where, on clear days, lands encompassed four provinces, Seville, Cordova, Malaga and Granada, others from neighboring villages, farmhouses, villages, roads, the lagoon Ratosa, etc ...

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Mirador del Cerro Bellido (CASARICHE)

Miradores cerro bellido Miradores

In Casariche find this viewpoint that has recreational area and traces of the Roman Quarries popular town, From this point you can see a wide panoramic popular town as well as a beautiful picture oflandscape of olive groves characteristic of this land.

Mirador del Genil River Meander (BADOLATOSA)

meandro rio genil badolatos Miradores meandro rio genil badolatos2 Miradores

In Badolatosa, specifically at kilometer 13 of the road connecting this town with its hamlet, Corcoya, access to a dirt road leading to a small watchtower, from which we can observe the beauty of the river meander formed to encircle the mountain Genil, and the small island formed by the river current capricious.

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Mirador de la Laguna Amarga (JAUJA)

laguna amarga Miradores laguna amraga2 Miradores

A 5 kms the Cockaigne, Lucena address, is the Nature Reserve Laguna Amarga and Sweet. After an appeal sendero with various botanical species of native flora, is the viewpoint of the Laguna Amarga, observatory where we can observe bird species such as the coot, the mallard, Heron, the egret, the gaviota reidora or from pan malvasía, endangered species and is often seen in this booking Ratural.

Crack Lookout (BENAMEJÍ)

grieta benameji Miradores

Located a few meters from the Plaza de la Constitucion Benamejí, find this viewpoint, is a slope from which we observe the Genil River basin passing through Benamejí, plus a beautiful landscape of pine.

Landslides that occurred in this place in the 90, have threatened the municipality, as an important part of theliterally slid into town “Crack”. The successful and rapid intervention of Local Administration, along with support from other provincial and national institutions, was key to stopping this natural process that threatened the stability of the soil of this county Cordoba.


Mirador de la Viñuela (JAUJA)

Vista de Jauja desde Mirador Viñuela Miradores

From this viewpoint you can see the geographical boundary between Seville and Cordoba, Genil River, provides for the people of Cockaigne and the tour of the streets, their gardens, and further, Sevilla in the neighboring village of Badolatosa and Malpasillo reservoir.