Church of Our S ª del Socorro (Badolatosa)

Iglesia de Ntra Sª del Socorro

It is located in the upper part of the town, we can not say for sure its year of construction, we have no knowledge of data or files on it. The most accurate information that we know, file is located in the parish in the deaths section, that in the first book is listed as the first religious service for a deceased, day 25 May 1683, so we can assume that the construction date was before this year 1660-1670.

The Church of Our Lady of Sorrows has three naves separated by pillars, being the center longer than the other two, covered by barrel vaults and where they intersect to form the Latin cross, covered with a dome supported on pendentives. At the bottom of the right nave is the sacristy. On the main altar there is a Baroque altarpiece, from that of the Church of Victoria Estepa, in which is situated the town's Patron Saint, Our Lady of Help, Buiza sculptor. In the aisles, chapels containing images are interesting as are: Eighteenth century Nazarene school antequerana, Our Lady of Sorrows also from the same era, an image of San Jose and also recumbent Christ eighteenth century, interesting size is a sixteenth century Crucified Christ.

Leaving aside the undeniable artistic and historical value of the building, we note that in the church there is a miniature canvas reproduces the "Holy Shroud", is preserved in a casket painted in gold, this copy is a crimson silk canvas, about 60 cm long posing on a double facial part of human figure analogous to the "Holy Shroud" by an inscription Turín.Hay: THE HOLY SHROUD OF VERISSIMO vanish DE CHRIST OUR SAVIOR G IESGU. On the far left is read the author's signature: Gio Batista Fantino, and the right one that says. With privilege de S.A.R. I do not Torino.

This canvas of which there are very rare copies was sent as a gift to Father Blas Benjumea, Badolatosa natural by Franciscan religious, Andres de la Barrera from Rome during the pontificate of His Holiness Pope Clement X, Year of 1.674.

The Church only organized groups visit.