Pontoon Grotto (Corcoya)

Pontoon Grotto
Gruta del Pontón Gruta del Pontón

The creek pontoon, is located in the municipality of Badolatosa, very near the Hermitage of Fuensanta Corcoya. The most characteristic aspect of this is the small cave stream that exists in one of its sections, product of the union of two of the sides of the mountains that form. This is a very beautiful little grotto, both its structure and the touch of freshness that brings water from the stream running through this place.

It tells the legend that the Virgin of Fuensanta united the two sides of the mountain for a woman, with his son to death, could pass to go to the doctor who was on the other side, the Alameda, so that a passageway formed between the two saws that women could move from side to side. This event date 1.579.