The Fauna Flora

Flora y Fauna

Furthermore olive, can be found in these lands other trees that help define the Route landscape Tempranillo. Thus, necessary, us to highlight the poplar, the pines, the white and black poplar, cattail reeds, reeds, eucalyptus, etc.. as typical of the latter la rivera del río Genil. Also, can be found in scrubland, a large number of small shrubs and other vegetation including notably mastic and rosemary.

Between avifauna flying over waters and populate its banks, find the heron, the egret, laughing gull, garcilla boeyera, themarsh harrier, the fieldfare, the bubilla, the blackbird, etc.. Among its waterfowl, can be found in its waters, the Mallard, the silbón,Shoveler, pato colorado, grebes, calamón and the ruddy duck. Among its numerous fish barbels and some tents.