Historical dramatization and Recreation

recreacionj duquesa

Benameji you can enjoy a dramatization of the work of the Machado Brothers “The Duchess of Benameji” by the Cultural Association of Theatre “Behind the scenes”. This is a sketch about a scene where the protagonists are Reyes, the Duchess, and Lorenzo Gallardo, the highwayman.

Top Alameda, Historical Recreation Association “Life and Death of José María El Tempranillo” and recreates the events of the last moments of life occurred José María Hinojosa Cobacho “The Tempranillo”, which he was mortally wounded in the farmhouse of Buenavista, y posteriormente trasladado a Alameda, donde finalmente murió. Fue enterrado en el antiguo cementerio, now converted into a mausoleum yard bandit, annexed to the Church of the Immaculate Conception of Alameda.

For more information should call the Tourist Information Office at the phone number 957519071 clockwise to the public, o bien a través de las dos asociaciones culturales:

-Asociación Cultural de teatro “Behind the scenes”, Benamejí: tel. 605810024 (José Luna)

-Asociación cultural de recreación histórica”Vida y muerte de José María El Tempranillo”, de Alameda: tel. 608782755 (Gabriel)