Roman Quarry (Casariche)

Roman Quarry

Canteras Romanas

Southeast of Casariche and right Mares River rises Cerro Bellido, small hill that has its top open quarries about two thousand years old of which the Romans were provided with stone. These quarries are called lapidicinae, because they were called to the stone tombstone. And drew to construct their buildings. The carrying or rolling carts and giving rough mined in a cylinder.

Work in these quarries had to be very intense and so many workers lived in the Hill, as has been shown by numerous remains of pottery and iron tools found in the area.

It is believed that these materials were used to construct quarries some temples of Cordoba. Arabs also used these stones for mills located along the river Mares.

The Road access is very good, the environment has been enabled as picnic, so you can enjoy visiting with a meal or barbecue in the enabled playground in this place.