Romantic Bandit Thematic Centre (Cockaigne)

Bandolerismo Romántico

This Topic Centre located in the town of Cockaigne (Lucena) is the backbone of the tourism product Land José M ª “The Tempranillo”, a building of 4 plants, over 450 m2 exhibition, distributed 5 rooms or thematic areas related to the phenomenon of romantic banditry. Through travel and through interpretive panels and interactive material, we discover the reality of the phenomenon of Romantic Bandit, emerged in the nineteenth century in Andalusia.

The thematic areas that make up this center are:

1. Jose Maria El Tempranillo: In this sector, a journey through the life of this famous outlaw, highlighting the most striking episodes of its short, but intense life that made him a mythic.

2. Myth of José María: Unas pantallas muestran cómo El Tempranillo, ha sido un mito para muchos artistas y viajeros.

3. Estate of banditry: In this room presents the social and economic differences that existed in the nineteenth century, well as the historical and political context of the time, and that led to the flowering of the social phenomenon of banditry.

4. The world of the bandits: The visitor will know how they lived, how assailed and what was the livelihood of the bandits in the mountains.

5. Romantic travelers: The latter sector shows through a visual the adventures of an English traveler visiting Land municipalities Jose Maria El Tempranillo.

Winter Hours (October to March):

From Tuesday to Saturday: of 10:00 a 14:00 and 16:30 a 18:30

Sundays: of 10:00 a 15:00

Monday: Closed.

Summer Schedule: (April to September):

From Tuesday to Saturday: of 10:00 a 14:00 and 18:00 a 20:00

Sundays: of 10:00 a 15:00

Monday: Closed.

Tickets :

Individual: 3€

Group: 2.50€

To visit this museum you can contact the Tourist Information Land José María “The Tempranillo” (Tel. 957 51 90 71) located in the same Topic Centre of Banditry.

Home: C / Church No. 51

Cockaigne 14911 Cordova

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Brochure :

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