Roman Mosaic museum collection “Jose Herrera Rodas”(Casariche)


Description of the Centre and rooms:

Through the C. M. Roman Mosaic José Herrera Rodas, visitors will have the opportunity to get to know the art and technique of mosaic in the ancient world, life in Roman times, cultural and commercial importance of Andalusia to the Roman Empire and the legend of the Judgment of Paris, linked to the birth of Troy and Rome, Ovid tells us “The Aeneid”. The exhibits to the museum collection perteencen Andalusia. Also you can see the final episode of the Civil War that pitted Julius Caesar against Pompey “the Great”. In Munda, the last and decisive battle of Caesar, where results confirmed his absolute mastery of Rome.

In An Old World Global . Sala. Mare Nostrum at room Ventippo y II. History Territory.

Ventippo was a small turdetano oppidum at around major center of trade in ancient times, Strait Lane. Situada en la ruta de las caravanas de metales hacia los puertos del Mediterráneo, and through them, the cultures as the Phoenician, Greek, Celtic, Egyptian……For those ports circulated goods, but also people, knowledge, news and ideas that changed the world.

Art and Technique musivaria. Salas: III. Main Hall and IV. Craftsman Workshop

Casariche has a great relationship with the completion of mosaics, desde los que adornaban las villas alrededor de la antigua Ventippo hasta los que aún hoy se realizan por Mosaicos Casariche. Especially since the collection of Alcaparral Villa was discovered, whose exponent mosaic Judgment of Paris, work illustrating the myth that begins with “the Iliad”, the Homeric account of the Trojan War.

Life in Andalusia. Salas: V.Antigua Ventippo, WE. Mediateca y VII. Life at the Villa.

Changes through the centuries forced the inhabitants of Ventippo to change their lifestyle. First bands of looters lso carried live within the walls with their cattle, appetite after Rome launched the massive and growing oil trade overseas. So changing times, people were changing their. Visit the Virtual Universe Villa del Alcaparral and knows the splendor of the town at the time traded with the Eastern Empire.

Uprising in Hispania. Projection Room.

Pompey's sons have inspired a revolt against the power of Caesar. Thirteen legions threaten Hispania and Caesarian troops are in dire straits. Julio Cesar travels thousands of miles to help their legions Hispanic. Will there in time to save?Will she defeat a much larger army?Discover the steps of Julius Caesar in Hispania through a magnificent projection

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From October to March: Tuesday to Saturday: 10.00-14.00 / 16.30-18.30 ; Sundays: 10.00-15.00

From April to September: Tuesday to Saturday: 10.00-14.00 / 18.00-20.00 ; Sundays: 10.00-15.00


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